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Pediatric Dentistry For The Fayetteville, NC Area

At College Lakes Family Dentistry, we are Fayetteville’s leading dentists offering pediatric dentistry. We strive to deliver the best care to each patient, no matter if it is a child, teen, or adult. Within our pediatric dentistry, we focus on early detection and prevention. Our team focuses on providing safe and effective treatments for dental diseases in infants and children.

Children have very distinct dental needs. Our pediatric dentistry team has undergone the proper training needed to successfully treat your children. From preventative care including exams and cleanings, to restorative care including fillings and crowns, we have the experience needed to help your children becomes more aware of their oral health. 

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Pediatric Dentistry Fayetteville, NC

Rely on our pediatric dentists!

Although we all know that your child’s “baby teeth” will eventually fall out, that doesn’t mean practicing good oral health should be put on the back burner. Teaching your child what it means to maintain their oral hygiene is important as they will carry these habits into adulthood. 

Many people think that kids are getting cavities because they are not brushing properly. However, the problem could lie deeper than that. Even though not brushing or flossing can cause cavities, tooth decay is known to have a significant impact on those with cavities.

 Almost 4 million preschoolers today have some form of tooth decay which can be a cause from all the sugar in today’s diets. The germs that cause tooth decay feed on sugar and produce an acid that eats away at the calcium of the teeth. This, along with plaque buildup, causes the teeth to lose enamel, making the tooth weak and prone to cavities. 

At College Lakes Family Dentistry, we offer pediatric services to ensure your children are practicing proper oral health. When you bring your children into our dental office for routine cleanings, we will let you know if there are any signs of orthodontic problems that may not be obvious to you. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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